The German norm DIN 67510-1: Photoluminescent pigments and products - Part 1: Measurement and marking at the producer

Part 1 of DIN 67510 lays down the methods of measuring the afterglow pigments and products and in addition the way of representing or characterizing the measured values.

The characterization is carried out by means of symbols such as

28.0 / 3.6 - 520 / w - k.

28.0 = luminance in mcd/m2, 10 min. after the end of excitation

3.6 = luminance in mcd/m2, 60 min. after the end of excitation

520 = time in minutes from the end of stimulation after which the luminance has fallen to 0.3 mcd/m2 (=100 times the limit of visibility)

w = perceived color at stimulation (white)

k = perceived color of the afterglow (green)

Note: Part 2 of DIN 67510 is to be employed when measuring the properties of long- afterglow products at the place of their application. Part 3 of the standard contains minimum requirements in terms of design to be met by safety guiding systems using long- afterglow products. Part 4 of the standard lays down the minimum luminance values as well as more extensive application-related requirements for individual long-afterglow products.