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GT8900 Natural Premium Grade Pigments

GT8700 Natural Premium Grade Pigments

GT8500 Natural Premium Grade Pigments

GT8400 Natural Premium Grade Pigments

GT8700T Natural Premium Grade Pigments

GTB8900 Ocean Premium Grade Pigments

GTB8700 Ocean Premium Grade Pigments

GTB8500 Ocean Premium Grade Pigments

GTB8400 Ocean Premium Grade Pigments

GTB8700T Ocean Premium Grade Pigments

GTP3700 Royal Purple Premium Grade Pigments

GTP3500 Royal Purple Premium Grade Pigments

GTP3700T Royal Purple Premium Grade Pigments

GTBL3700 Baltic Blue Premium Grade Pigments

GTBL3500 Baltic Blue Premium Grade Pigments

GTG3000 Gemstone Green Premium Grade Pigments

GTO3000 Oriental Orange Premium Grade Pigments

GTE3000 Ice Orange Premium Grade Pigments

GTY3000 Yangtze Yellow Premium Grade Pigments

GTR3000 Pumpkin Pink Premium Grade Pigments

GTW3000 Warm White Premium Grade Pigments


GTVF Photoluminescent Self-Adhesive Vinyl Film

GT3GP Photoluminescent 3rd Generation Paint

GTCRN Photoluminescent Ceramic Tile

GTCRO Photoluminescent Ceramic Tile

GTMYKC Photoluminescent Acrylic Keychain

GTXMASKC Photoluminescent Acrylic Keychain

GTRB Photoluminescent Rigid Board


ILL-91VB0 Illuminare Round Vessel Sink Bowl

ILL-91VBT Illuminare Vessel Bowl Tiered Sink

ILL-94UMO Illuminare Oval Undermount Sink

ILL-94UMR Illuminare Rectangle Undermount Sink

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About Photoluminescence

What is the meaning of Luminescence?

What is the meaning of Fluorescence?

What is the meaning of Phosphorescence?

What is the meaning of Lumens?

What is the meaning of Lux?

What is the meaning of Brightness?

What is the meaning of Luminous Intensity?

What is the meaning of Luminous Flux?


International Standards

What is the meaning of DIN 67510?

Which standards are known for photoluminescence safety signs?


Photoluminescent Pigments & Their Applications

What are glow pigments?

Are products radioactive?

Are your glow pigments safe for kids?

What can I do with the pigments?

Can I add it to soap and other skin products?

What is the pigment's composition?

How much do I need?

Can different kinds of pigments be mixed to create a different colored pigment?

How do I charge the pigments?

How many times can you charge it?

Will sunlight ruin the glow powder?

What amounts do the pigments come in?

Is first aid treatment required for improper handling?

How does your pigments compare to the other glow-in-the-dark pigments?

Do your pigments have an odor?

What are the differences between the different kinds of pigments?

How long and bright do pigments actually glow?

When mixing pigments into resins, which factors affecting brightness are known?

Which chemical and physical factors affecting the light fastness are known?

Do you offer wholesale pricing?

Why use


Photoluminescent Paints

Can the pigments be used for making paint?

What can I do with the paint?

How can I improve paints performance?

How do I charge the paint?

What is the area that can be covered?



How can I pay for my order?

What is Safe Shopping Guarantee?

Do I have to pay Sales Tax on my order?

How do I order if I live outside New Zealand?

Will I receive an Order Confirmation?

Does offer quantity discounts?

How do I cancel or modify my order?

Can I purchase's photoluminescent paint by the ounces?

How and where do you ship?

How much is shipping?

What currency are prices in?

When will I receive my order?

Why Is So Safe?


Returns & Exchanges

What Is Your Returns Policy?

What Is Your Exchange Policy?

How Do I Return Something for an Exchange or Refund?


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